10. 28. 13. 12:37 am

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle Fun with Family! :)

I can still remember the last time we went to Manila Zoo, I was in 6th Grade and my cousins are so small back then (now they look down on me). So, the reason we “suddenly” went to Manila Zoo is because I got a discount voucher that helped me save 50% on the fees. (You know I am a Mom so, as much as possible I want to get things that will help me stay on my budget and I got my voucher in Groupon, but there are other amazing discount voucher sites that you can check out). The voucher that I bought is an entrance to the Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, found inside the Manila Zoo Compound and it is for 6pax, it includes 12 activities for only P480! Now, that is what I call a deal! Imagine, the Entrance Fee for the Kinder Zoo is different with the Entrance Fee that you pay before entering Manila Zoo ( I think its P40 each for Manila Zoo entrance and P100 each for the Kinder Zoo entrance). I already saved 120 with my voucher just for the entrance fee! And as far as I know, that P100 fee will entitle you to just 2 activities and if you want to do more activities you’ll have to pay P50 for every activity so with the voucher, you have 12 activities for everyone, So I have saved quite a lot for this family time.

Maybe you are wondering, “what are these so-called “activities” that she’s talking about?!”, I’ll explain (of course!). 

When you go there, you are not just going to look at animals but you can interact with them, like really. You can feed them, hold them, touch them, pet them (make sure you do not hurt them), ride them (just the horses though and only the kiddos are allowed to do this), take unlimited photos with the animals, wall climbing, zip lining and swimming for the kids!

When I bought the voucher I didn’t expect much, knowing that it is in Manila Zoo and I had been there before and so I thought it’ll just be like that. But low and behold, I WAS WRONG! My family’s experience in the Kinder Zoo is just amazing! We all had fun (yes, even my in-laws had fun!), especially my son and niece. It was my son’s first time in a Zoo so everything was amazing for him, seeing and touching an actual snake is kind of a challenge for him! 

I must tell you that if you are planning to have some fun family time, try visit the Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle and I am sure that you and your family will enjoy your time here!

My Tips for visiting the Kinder Zoo:

1. Bring extra clothes and toiletries, you will need it. Since the place is open, it doesn’t have fans just the air in the area so you will get sweaty depending on how active your sweat glands are, but just bring extra clothes and toiletries such as soap, alcohol and towel since you will be holding/touching animals, or your kids will do the wall climbing or zip lining activity, you all need to wash your hands or even your face just to feel refreshed after your visit.

2. If you want to make the most of the activities,you can bring your child’s swim gear so that they can enjoy swimming there (do not worry, the kiddie pool looks clear and clean).

3. Try visiting the place by early morning, they open at 9 am or late afternoon at around 4 pm, so that the sun is not that too bright or too hot because you and your kids will suffer and also its not fun if its raining, so avoid visiting during rainy days.

4. To enjoy the Kinder Zoo as much as we did, make sure to always check on discount voucher sites for great deals like this! :)

So that’s it! You can browse down for some of our photos!





















06. 14. 13. 09:58 am

Beware of trying out new facial products!

I have been quite the type of person to stick to my regimen for as long as it is effective for me, and for the last few months (November - January) my face hasn’t been cleared of the pimple/pimple marks or even blemishes. So I thought that maybe since I was using my regimen since my first year in college (2005), it is not working effectively maybe because of hormonal change or just simply my skin had been sick of the products that I have been using since I have been using them for almost 8 years! Imagine that! So, I went to the beauty aisle once while shopping and I started looking for a replacement from my old products (which by that time, stopped working effectively). I have seen varieties of products, from Ponds, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Garnier, Olay, Celeteque and many more. I then came across with the Garnier Pimple Product and I have read that its main ingredient is Salicylic Acid which is a great pimple fighting ingredient. I bought the entire set, from the facial scrub, toner and down to the instant pimple drier.

All seemed well but I noticed that my skin got dry and the pimples are still there so after a month of using I stopped it. 

I have seen a certain local product online that has received amazing reviews from celebrities and even normal people. So out of curiosity I have ordered it and tried it for a month. It has been a very painful experience, literally because of the peeling and all. My face whitened but the blemishes are still there. Since that set was only suitable to be used for am month, I had to order the so-called “maintenance set” - thinking that this set may remove my blemishes. Instead of healing my face, it actually made it worse. The small, inactive pimple suddenly became big and very active! You just do not know how bad I felt during those times because I always had clear skin and then now this had happened. 

My hubby then told me to stop using the product and return my old skincare regimen. I listened and voila! Everything’s back to the way it was!

*I do not want to mention the name of the product because I do not blame them, maybe my skin is not compatible with their products.

Lesson: If it works for you, stick with it!

03. 30. 13. 12:50 am

A year older again!

I celebrated my birthday at The Heritage Hotel Manila with my family. =)

I had a really great time! we watch the Pyromusical Competition, the last two finalist (Canada and Philippines).

Philippines! WOOHOOO!!!!! I will upload the video after this! See for yourself! =)

03. 29. 13. 11:14 am ♥ 2

No Make Up Look

Ever wanted to go out without wearing any make up- in short Bare Faced!

NOOOOOOO! (exaggerating). I always have smooth skin but after I gave birth pimples show up my face and I am scared of it leaving a mark on my face. After a long test of trial and error, hurrah! I have found the perfect routine for a makeup free day.

1. The night before, put some Ice on your face. This is an amazing trick that is very effective and its free!

2. Clean your face with your trusted facial foam/cleanser and the most important thing put a Moisturizer! It is a good time to put moisturizers for this is the time wherein your skin and body is relaxed and resting.

3. When you wake up, eat breakfast and drink Vitamin Supplements. I recommend Vitamin C and E, once a day!

4. After taking a bath, put on sunscreen all throughout your body and of course a Facial Moisturizer with sunscreen protection.

5. And lastly, apply petroleum gel on your eyebrows and lips. 

These are my daily routine before going to bed and before going out. 

What are your nightly routines? Share it with me!

06. 30. 13. 08:20 am

My hair is acting strange

I always remember what my mom tells me when I was little about my hair, “Never color, hair dry, curl or straighten your hair, because it will damage it and once its damaged there is nothing you can do about that!”. The thing is I have colored my hair lots of times - from red, dark brown, medium brown, mahogany, chestnut brown, black and burgundy, I have put all of these colorants on my hair! I always had these beautiful, shiny, long black hair ever since I was a kid (I am not bragging, trust me! :)) that is why my mom always takes good care of it. But I always have this urge to try out things for my hair and yes, it damaged it - BIG TIME!


I have been a risk taker when it comes to my hair. After I grew it for so long, I will just cut it at ears length. People say that the hair will make “tampo” if you do that. I always wanted my hair to be as vibrant and healthy as it was before.

I tried using different products in order to restore my hair before, but I failed! :( It has been very hard to get my hair back so I have been using many products,(sadly, nothing worked).

I have started a routine now that might help restore even just a bit of healthiness to my hair, (haha). I shampoo my hair with a pea size amount thrice a week and use conditioners every day. It has been a struggle for me to bring my healthy hair back, but keeping my fingers crossed.

Have you had hair dilemmas like mine? What did you do?

05. 07. 13. 01:42 am ♥ 4

How to save money without even realizing it!

Okay, so it may sound unreal, but this is really true. You can really save money without you even realizing it! 

Tip # 1: Have a coin bank or use what I am using, an empty water container! (Very environment friendly, it will cost you zero (0) bucks and you can find it anywhere!)

Tip # 2: Place your Coin bank/ water container on your study desk/office desk or somewhere near it. Why? (I’ll tell you later!)

Tip # 3: Think of how much can you put in there EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! (no exceptions, 7 days a week) I know, some of you were thinking of, “I do not have money every time so how am I suppose to save something every single day?!!” I know right, but seriously, how much do you think you are going to put on your coin bank? You’re not thinking of putting 100 pesos or  almost $3 a day right? Trust me, DO NOT put bills on it! Its very tempting!

Tip # 4: The coin bank is now placed on the desk or anywhere near it, why? because this is where we put our stuffs most of the time (bags, wallets, etc) So it is a place that you visit every day!

Tip # 5: Have you decided on how much you’ll put on it? Well, as for me, I make it a point to put 10 - 50 peso coins every single day of the week.  Imagine 10 for 12 months - 3650 while 50 for 12 months - 18250! That’s quite a lot!

Tip # 6: Now, how come my title is saving without even realizing it when we all know that we are required to put something on our coin bank. Let me tell you this, it is not that hard and eventually you’ll get used to it (just like drinking water everyday) without even realizing that the amount on your coin bank is increasing!!!

Tip # 7: DO NOT COUNT your money! It feels good to feel the excitement and being surprised on how much you have said that year!

Tip # 8: DEPOSIT. Deposit it on your bank account every time the coin bank gets full, that way you will not be tempted to spend it. NO ATM WITHDRAWALS please! (unless needed)

Easy, very easy! These savings will come in handy especially when unexpected things happen. :)

03. 30. 13. 12:34 am ♥ 4

How to keep the love burning.

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years now and we are a together for almost 8 years now, can you imagine that?

Well, it is hard to maintain a relationship, it is not always perfect with the butterflies on your stomach effect, the giddy feeling, the sweetness, the sparkle in your eyes…

But I can tell you one thing, LOVE QUARRELS are definitely normal and it is quite a good wake up call.

The feeling of the after fight is either good or bad. Good in a way wherein after you fight and make up, the cuddling part always comes next - the bad part is when you didn’t make-up.

I will share to you some tips on how I keep the love between me and my husband burning after all these years.

1. Always COMMUNICATE! I always make sure that I communicate well with my hubby. A good 5 minute chit chat about anything under the sun will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a serious talk, I actually just blurt out whatever comes to my mind and then the conversation will just overflow.

2. Body Contact! Not just THAT kind of body contact okay? I mean, a tap on the shoulders, a peck on the cheek, a high five, a hug, a smack on the lip - anything about minor body contact.

3. Compliment Each Other. Appreciate each other’s efforts and I mean everything. Let’s admit it, if we do something for our loved ones and they didn’t seem to appreciate, we will feel bad right? Guys are just like girls, they also wanted their efforts to be noticed even if they are not saying a word about it.

These are the top 3 for me.

Very simple tips yet very effective„ TRUST ME!